About Us


Caddy was founded by Dr Brad Stanfield while he studied Medicine at the University of Auckland.
The idea originally struck him when he was listening to a lecture outlining the CURB-65 Score. This, like hundreds of scores in the medical literature, help doctors, nurses, and pharmacists deliver the best care possible to patients.
Remembering 100s of clinical scores is not feasible, so aren’t well used.
This seemed wrong to Brad, that this wealth of knowledge wasn’t utilized or updated.

So he taught himself the basics of how to code (all while still at medical school), and released the first version on the Google Play Store. Much to his surprise, the app grew to the point where it was downloaded around 300 times per day.
Unfortunately, medical school, graduation, and then working as a junior doctor took priority and Brad had to step away from the project.
However, he knew the problem wasn’t solved. The time it took for the latest medical research to be widely implemented into patient diagnosis and treatment still takes far too long.

The clinical scores and algorithms need to change as new research comes to light, so virtually overnight the medical community can update their practice.
This was the inspiration to develop our algorithm Editor, which you can find out more here.

We hope that through rapidly and safely updated algorithms, we can enable healthcare across the world to truly follow evidence-based practice.

Caddy’s team is currently made up of Brad, investors, and advisors.
Get in touch with us to see how you can join our journey to change medical practice.