The Editor Explained

What Is It?

The Editor is an online, free to use tool that empowers medical doctors to change the algorithms found on Caddy's platform and contribute new ones

What Are Algorithms?

An algorithm is a step by step method to solve a problem based on defined inputs.
They are commonly used in medical applications and are growing in number and scope.
We at Caddy believe that this is the best way implement evidence-based care and decision making.
Algorithms help take the guesswork out of medicine and support clinical judgement, improving quality of care.

Why Does It Exist?

The medical landscape shifts extremely quickly, with approximately 2.5 million new medically relevant papers published each year.
It is impossible for any clinician to keep up with this rate of change, yet doctors are obliged to maintain their skills and knowledge to current standards.
One way to ensure that medical practice is up to date is by using best practice algorithms.
However, the algorithms must be easy to use, accessible, accurate and most importantly responsive to new medical research.

Through this Editor, the Caddy community can collectively keep these algorithms at the cutting edge of medical science.

Who Makes Sure The Algorithm Changes Are Correct?

It is vital that any new or updated algorithm accurately reflects the latest medical literature.
Every suggested change must be thoroughly checked.

Just as Caddy relies on the community to add and update algorithms, it also needs the community to double check changes.
This process of checking is done through a community meritocracy. This means:

Every update to any Caddy algorithm must achieve 100 votes before changes are accepted on the platform, however each member's voting power is different.
If a member has previously suggested an algorithm change, and that change was accepted, their voting power will increase.
So the next time they vote on another member's change, their vote holds a higher weighting.
The converse is true for members whose suggested changes are rejected.
Voting power also increases by a lesser amount for members who vote for a change that is subsequently agreed to by the Caddy community.
Through this system of meritocracy, we make sure only thoroughly checked changes are accepted into practice.

Caddy provides medical doctors worldwide the opportunity to contribute to and benefit from a peer-evaluated source of the most current and clinically relevant medical algorithms.

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